Aircraft Parts


When we developed the search utilitity for this website, we wanted to make it as easy to use as possible.  Below are some examples of how to search for items.



Press Enter

First Off.  After you enter the word and or phrase you have to press enter.  Pressing enter groups that combination together.  Not pressing enter is the same as submitting nothing.   To initated your search, press the search icon located in the far right of the feature.

What not to do. You must press enter to group.

This is the correct way. Pressing enter locks what to search for.


Search for an exact phrase

Suppose you wanted to search for the exact phrase "Boeing 767".  You would type the phrase in the search feature and press enter on your keyboard.  By pressing enter, this groups the words "Boeing 767."  By clicking the search icon in the far right of the search feature, this implements your search for all listings that contain the exact phrase "Boeing 767."

Searches for the exact phrase 'Boeing 767'



Searching for two separate phrases

Using the same example, suppose we wanted to search for all listings with the words "Boeing" and "767."  In this example, the search feature will return results of listings with "Boeing" and or "767."

Searches for listings that contain Boeing and or 767.